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This series of articles focuses on three different healthcare companies: Manezingudeirekutawo, Medefer, and Heydoc. In the article, we will look at each company’s reputation, how they rank on the market, and whether they are worth investing in. As a result, you will have an idea of the most popular medical companies out there.


Heydoc is a healthcare startup that offers an electronic health record and a comprehensive operating system. The company, whose product is geared towards doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other medical institutions, focuses on making sure that clinicians can handle their administrative tasks as efficiently as possible. It also helps them manage patients’ records and connect them with various healthcare providers. They have raised USD12 million to date and are aiming to expand internationally. Smedvig Capital led the Series A lpllive round, followed by Triple Point Ventures and InHealth Ventures.

The company has managed to generate a lot of buzz for its product, and has been successful in generating a lot of word of mouth referrals. Heydoc currently serves thousands of clinicians and administrative staff. Currently, it works with private hospitals in the UK.


A new round of funding will help the SaaS platform proSapient expand its international reach. The firm recently announced that it closed a $10 million Series A investment round led by Smedvig Capital and Guy Hands. This funding will allow the company to further expand its workflow SaaS platform, which helps users of expert networks to find and select experts for simasvip projects.

ProSapient provides its users with transcripts, conference calls, and phone interviews that help them get the insight they need, whether it be from one person or a team of experts. ProSapient works with the largest expert networks in the market, and claims to have over 100 clients in the USA and Europe. Additionally, it recently appointed former Just Eat PLC group CFO Mike Wroe as its chairman.

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