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The UK-based series lane is an online marketplace for tutoring services that offers a wide range of products and services, including classes, workshops and individual or group tuition. Its website includes a list of the services that it provides, based on their popularity and reputation. As a result, it has gained a solid reputation in the tutoring industry.


GoStudent, the e-learning start-up based in Austria, has closed its most expensive round yet. The company raised a whopping $669 million in equity and debt so far. To date, GoStudent has 22 markets in 15 countries, with plans to expand into six or seven more this year. It also has a few high profile partners. A few notable names include HomeToGo, Swoodoo, and Tencent.

Aside from the money slamming sexy one-to-one tutoring service, the company has taken a more strategic approach, aiming to diversify its offerings through mergers and acquisitions. In fact, GoStudent has already acquired Tus Media Group in Spain, Seneca Learning in the U.K., and FoxEducation in Austria.

For a start-up, GoStudent is doing very well. At the time of writing, the company has over 2,000 active tutors, and is booking more than 100,000 sessions per month. As the competition in the market heats up, GoStudent will be looking to acquire more tutors to meet increasing demand.


Cleo is an app that combines the best of artificial Hibooz intelligence, financial wizardry and mobile technology to help you track and budget your hard earned cash. This fintech unicorn is backed by the likes of Microsoft, Skype and the like, but it’s primarily a British company. It aims to become a full service bank in the near future. A big part of its mission is to replace your old bank app with one that offers proactive advice and more personalised services. The app can be used to track your spending across multiple accounts and credit cards and interacts with them securely.

A slew of heavy hitters have pumped millions into the project. Its most notable benefactors include the UK’s most lauded tech company Skype and its European equivalent, Balderton Capital, and the US’s venerable MIT Media Lab. Other backers include Albion, MMC Ventures and Climate Corporation. Currently the firm is on a growth trajectory and aspires to have 220 employees by the end of the year.

Tutoring marketplace K12

A tutoring marketplace is a platform where teachers, students and parents can access information and services. This includes searching for a teacher, booking lessons and sending messages.

These platforms are also a convenient way for parents to track the progress of their children. Parents can also drop money directly into their student fashionnowdays account.

There are various platforms that offer online K-12 tutoring. For instance, Toppr is an EdTech startup that introduced AI-powered bots for students. It freed up the tutors’ time for more important tasks.

The popularity of microlearning has further enhanced the growth of the online K-12 tutoring market. Microlearning involves breaking down a large subject into bite-sized units. In addition, it can also include games and quizzes.

The K-12 online tutoring market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.1% during the forecast period. This is due to growing demand for STEM courses and employment opportunities.


Several big market players are investing heavily in the online tutoring space. These companies collaborate with various educational institutions and design unique products. They are also looking to expand geographically.


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