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Immuta, the cloud data governance yourjobnews and compliance platform, has raised $90 million in Series D funding. They have raised $169 million in total and plan to use the funding to increase their market share and improve their product. More people are worried about the security of their data, and this is why companies like Immuta are making sure they follow the latest laws and regulations.

Immuta raises $90 million in Series D funding

Immuta is a cloud data governance careerpioneer platform that helps companies manage data access, security, privacy, and compliance. It recently announced record mid-year growth, and more than doubled its employee and customer base. The company is using its Series D funding to increase its sales team, accelerate product research, and expand into APAC and EMEA.

The new funding will help Immuta further expand its data access control platform and meet rising demand for such software. The company will also use the money to expand its sales and marketing efforts and strengthen strategic partnerships getcareergoal within the cloud data ecosystem. To help companies make the right choice for their data access needs, Immuta has created a Buyer’s Guide to Data Management Platforms. The guide includes profiles of leading providers, and an overview of the market.

Immuta offers data access control solutions that help companies monitor and control access to analytical data sets across the cloud. The company’s software automates data access control for any type of data, cloud service, and compute infrastructure. It has a diverse customer base, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the US military.

Immuta’s Series D funding round makeidealcareer includes investors like Ten Eleven Ventures, Intel Capital, and Snowflake Ventures, the venture capital arm of Data Cloud. The company also received investments from existing investors and a number of other investors. The new funding will help the company expand, deepen its strategic partnerships, and innovate.

Immuta is a Boston-based cloud data management startup that is changing enterprise data governance. The company is aiming to make data access easier for businesses and help them scale their centralized data operations. With its platform, large companies can easily build data-powered products and services.

Company has over 250 employees

A large company online is defined as one that has over 250 employees. This means that a company is big and can handle a variety of tasks. For example, it could be a software company or an IT company. A large company has employees who are not related to one another. Smaller companies typically employ fewer than ten employees, while medium-sized companies employ more than 250.

It is a cloud data technology provider

Immuta is a cloud data technology provider that anxnr automates data access control and claims settlement dashboards. The new funding will help the company expand its sales capabilities and deepen its strategic partnerships. It also plans to accelerate its product development and build out its marketing and customer success teams.

Immuta provides cloud data access control solutions to help organizations automate data access control, privacy, and compliance. With jobexpressnews this latest round of funding, it will consolidate its leadership position in the market and capitalize on increasing demand for centralized access control.

Immuta recently raised a round of $90 million in its Series D funding. It has raised a total of $169 million to date. It plans to use the money to increase its customer base and improve its products. It also talks about the importance of data security. The company is backed by major players in the cloud data technology space.

Immuta has been a leader in cloud data automation since its founding in 2015. The company’s platform automates data across cloud infrastructure. It helps large enterprises scale their centralized data operations and innovative technology companies build data-powered applications. Its customer base now spans a wide variety of industries, including health services, consumer technology, and financial services.

Immuta has also expanded its partner network in 2021. It now integrates with Azure, Snowflake, and Databricks. Immuta’s software also helps enterprises implement privacy and compliance programs. The company recently launched software-as-a-service deployment.

It provides tools for the discovery, classification and tagging of sensitive information

Immuta’s Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD) technology allows users to automatically detect and tag sensitive data columns. The technology identifies sensitive data columns when they are created and applies “Discovered” tags to them. It also enables users to audit and collect insight from their sensitive data usage.

Immuta has recently closed a $100 million hertube Series E funding round at a $1 billion valuation, led by NightDragon. Other investors included existing investors Wipro Ventures, DFJ Growth, and Dell Technologies Capital.

Million in Series D Funding

Immuta has raised $90 million in Series D funding, bringing its total funding to $169 million. The funding will allow Immuta to accelerate product development and expand across the APAC and EMEA regions. The company is a cloud data management platform that allows businesses to secure and scale data access.

Immuta is a Boston-based company that venturebeat offers cloud data access control and centralized data governance. It helps businesses implement data governance, privacy protection, and security policies, and automates these processes. The company’s new funding will help it capitalize on the rising demand for access control for cloud data. The new capital will also be used to expand its sales and marketing efforts.

The company’s software helps data scientists and engineers apply policies to any cloud data platform. The company’s native integrations with leading cloud data providers allow it to reduce complexity and costs, while increasing performance and data-driven results. The company’s $90 million Series D funding comes at a time when big data and cloud computing are growing at a rapid pace.


Immuta is a cloud-native data governance platform that helps organizations manage data access, security, and compliance. It also integrates with popular cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, BigQuery, and Azure Synapse. As a result, Immuta’s cloud-native platform can help organizations of all sizes manage their data better, automate data access, and increase their efficiency.

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