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The UK based Series Lane is an exciting new lane for those that want to invest in a series of shares. There are several factors to consider before jumping into this type of investment. Thankfully there are a couple of great resources to help you learn more.


GoStudent is an edtech unicorn that has garnered attention as one of the most valuable startups in Europe. It is a marketplace for K-12 students to select from and find the best teachers around. The company has a number of locations across the globe including Austria, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, and Mexico.

Among its competitors are online learning centers, traditional learning institutions, and independent tutors. What sets GoStudent apart is its ability to provide a truly integrated service, from answering questions to helping with scheduling. As it continues to grow, the company has plans to extend its footprint across Europe and beyond.

GoStudent has secured a record-breaking investment of 300 million euros. In the last two and a half years, it has logged a total of $669 million. During this period, the company has expanded into 22 countries and is on track to double that figure by the end of its second year.

Notable among GoStudent’s accomplishments are its acquisition of Seneca Learning, a UK-based education company, and its acquisition of Tus Media Group, an e-learning company headquartered in Spain. To round out its impressive portfolio, the company has opened offices in Athens, Madrid, Sofia, and Dusseldorf.


The company says it is the first of its kind to make a splash in the UK. The app is a conversational AI powered financial assistant that connects with your bank accounts and credit cards, and provides a myriad of money saving features including budgeting, saving and spending. It’s currently on track to hire more than 220 employees by year’s end, with a new HQ opening in the near future.

Among its many backers, Cleo boasts some of the best names in fintech, from Skype and Albion to Climate Corporation and MMC Ventures. With its latest round of funding, the company has attracted a sizable amount of investment, bringing its total valuation to well over $500 million. As with most startups, the road ahead isn’t always an easy one. A recent shakeup in tech leadership has given Cleo a newfound swagger, ensuring that the company is in good hands.

Among the most impressive feats of Cleo is its ability to interact with other banking and credit card accounts in a secure and transparent fashion. This has led to its creation of a more comprehensive dashboard for customers, and a plethora of data derived from their daily activities.

Tutoring marketplace K12

The tutoring marketplace K12 is an online platform that provides a platform for students, tutors, and teachers. Students can post messages and communicate with their tutors. They can also schedule and book lessons. Parents can pay for these lessons.

There are many platforms that provide these services. These platforms provide supplementary learning and online tutoring. Some of these platforms also offer in-person classes at home.

The K12 online tutoring market is growing at a rapid pace. This growth is driven by the increase in popularity of microlearning and STEM education.

Online microlearning is a way to learn that uses games, infographics, and short quizzes to teach a subject. In addition to teaching, it is a fun and interactive way to learn.

Another reason for the growth of the tutoring marketplace K12 is the increasing employment opportunities in the STEM fields. Furthermore, the government support for education is also driving the market.

The global k-12 online tutoring market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East and Africa. It is also segmented by type, course, and region.

Series D round

If you are looking to get your startup off the ground, you may be wondering how a Series D round works. The Series D funding rounds typically fund startups to expand their business and increase their value before going public. Depending on the industry and the amount of valuation, companies raise between $50 million and $60 million. Usually, private equity firms and investment banks are the leading investors in a series D funding round.

Unlike other rounds, the Series D round has a clear reason for raising the money. Often, it is to acquire another company. Other times, it is to fund a company’s IPO. In either case, it is important to have a plan in place. A business’s goals during the series D funding process should be to grow the company, acquire a new business, and establish itself as a market leader.


Many startups will raise more than one round before completing an IPO. This is often because their growth is so fast that they need to raise more money to keep up. But it can also happen when the company finds a good opportunity to expand their business.

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