Is Nature’s One Formula Safe For Infants?

Is Nature’s One Formula safe for infants? This question has been on many parents’ minds. This organic formula meets the FDA’s nutritional standards for infant formula. In addition, it encourages breast-feeding until age one. While other organic infant formulas contain life’sDHA(tm) oils, which have been controversial since they are extracted from algae and fungus and treated with bleach and acid.

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Unlike conventional infant formulas, nature’s Best has no soy or palm oil, which is a major ingredient in most baby formulas. It also has no added sugars, artificial preservatives, or starch. Furthermore, its macro-micro-nutrient profile has made it one of the most widely recommended infant formulas by pediatricians. But is it really safe for infants? Let’s take a look at the ingredients to find out!

Some formulas contain corn syrup solids or petroleum-derived vitamins. They may contain traces of pesticides. Besides, some types of oils can upset the stomach of an infant. Coconut and soy oils should not be fed to a baby with milk protein allergies. Likewise, despite these risks, nature’s One Formula is a safe alternative to cow’s milk. These products are often cheaper than certified organic by the USDA.

What are the ingredients in Nature’s One Formula? Breast milk contains DHA and triglycerides. Other organic formulas have a plant-based process. But Nature’s One believes it has a more natural fatty acid profile, which supports brain development. While breast milk does contain some of the same ingredients, there are no synthetic additives or flavors in Nature’s One. In addition, Nature’s One Formula contains no BPA or carrageenan, and is kosher.

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